About Us

Since 2009, we have translated thousands of pages , using advanced translation tools that reduce the time needed for translation, making translations more consistent, ensuring higher quality and a lower price. We cooperate on translations of products of the largest technology companies, hardware and software manufacturers, banks, energy companies, but also small companies and individuals. Join our satisfied clients! Ask for a free quote.


Areas of Translations

  • General texts, business correspondence,
  • software, hardware, electrical appliances,
  • multimedia, websites, localization,
  • manuals, handbooks, contracts,
  • bachelor thesis, abstracts.


We offer translations in the following languages:

  • Slovak into English,
  • English into Slovak,
  • Slovak into Czech,
  • Czech into English.

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates for all translations. The price depends on the length of the text, the translation language, the difficulty of the text and the desired delivery date. After receiving you document, we will prepare a free quote and estimated time of delivery for the translation.


We have worked for example on the following projects:

  • Translation of documents and contracts for a major financial company
  • Cooperation on the translation of the manual for the ABBYY Fine Reader software
  • Cooperation on the localization of the Epicor iScala software
  • Translation of an internet banking interface for an international bank
  • Translation of manuals for HP printers
  • Cooperation on translation of help for Safari, iTunes, GarageBand
  • Translation of training and other documents for a nuclear power plant
  • Cooperation with the EkoDea s.r.o. company on translation of business correspondence and marketing materials in the field of ecology and waste management
  • Cooperation on the translation of the Apple Mac OS X operating system
  • Cooperation on the translation of the Apple iWork office suite
  • Cooperation on the translation of the Microsoft Office software
  • Translation of manuals for Canon cameras


You can contact us on the following telephone number, e-mail address or use this form. All fields are required. The entered data will only be used to send you a reply and are not stored.

  • 0948 036 682
  • translations.mc@gmail.com
  • Milan Černý
  • Jadrová 15
    821 02, Bratislava
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